13 February , 2019

Touch&Feel from Noken, an intuitive and comforting Wellness feeling

his shower system makes people’s lives better in its Project Line and Smartbox versions.

Its technology meets the highest demands of design and maintains a water volume which is balanced for each of the outlets.

Improving people’s everyday lives has become the key principle for Noken, the bathroom company from PORCELANOSA Grupo. A principle under which Touch&Feel has been developed. We are dealing with a new shower system which enhances the Wellness experience through a simple and intuitive touch screen.


Its two versions: Mixer and thermostatic; in Project Line and Smartbox allow for several functions to be combined at the same time, such as the rain, cascade and rain with jets modes.

Scientifically tested resistance

The ongoing research carried out by the department of Research, Development and Innovation from Noken have made it possible for this system to maintain the water volume in each of its outlets, meeting the demands of the current design.


Having undergone several pressure (up to 50 bars) and resistance tests for push buttons in over 800.000 cycles, Touch&Feel remains unaffected over the years, allowing for easy installation in different projects.

A design which banks on a healthier future.