29 January , 2019

Small format, endless possibilities

Creative freedom with Rhombus ceramics

The Rhombus collection allows each user to carry out a particular setting. Choosing the style with which to cover the walls of any space is a reality thanks to this ceramic with a rhombus format. Traditional handmade ceramics that combines style and imagination in this collection of L’Antic Colonial.

Its high de-shading in the pieces makes Rhombus a striking collection that inspires movement and dynamism. Its four different references feature pastel colors, which are enhanced by the watery effect that forms on its surface with the reflection of light. A fact that occurs due to its irregular edges and glazed surface.

Retro expands its borders with a wide range of tonalities

Flashes and brightness that give off elegance. Retro decorative ceramics increases its possibilities with color and vitality, giving life to each wall covering in which they are installed.

Coverings that can be the featured highlight in each room or project. Corners of light and color. Verde, Rosa, Gris or different shades of blue are the references that are incorporated into the Retro collection of L’Antic Colonial. They also adhere to the neutral Blanco and Negro, both in matte and polished finishes.

With a 20×10 format and a pronounced bevel, this ceramic creates unique reflections and a great feeling of depth. Retro is ideal to cover interior spaces and give personality to each environment.