13 February , 2019

The flexibility of Airslate’s natural stone wins over L’Antic Colonial

Nature’s elements can give us unique pieces. L’Antic Colonial pays homage to natural stone by creating a selection of flexible and adaptable products for any type of wall coverings with the Airslate collection. In Airslate, natural stone is the undisputed star.

Revestimientos de piedra natural Airslate

The Airslate collection is made up of a series of technical peculiarities which make it one of the most versatile materials on the market. It is natural slate made into fine tiles or flagstones by L’Antic Colonial and made up of four different layers, one of which is covered in fibreglass, giving it its final structure and strengthening the product. Thanks to the combination of slate and fibreglass, L’Antic Colonial has managed to create an innovative and exclusive collection in a flexible format.

Baños con piedra Airslate

With its elasticity and adaptability, the Airslate series can be fitted to any type of space and surface. Its capacity to bend to a radius of up to 35 cm means that the natural stone sheets can be fitted to different surfaces, without it mattering whether they are curved, columns or any type of irregularity that changes the area to be lined, as happens on frontings. In addition, its minimal thickness, of between 2 and 4 mm, makes it very light and easy to handle when covering areas.

Piedra natural en revestimientos

Airslate stone is available in two different sizes: 120×240 and 60×120 cm. In addition, there are eight different models in which the slate is presented in different tones and textures, to provide an harmonious and natural environment. With Bombay, Delhi, Kathmandu, Forest, Kashmir, Metal, Graphite and Patna, L’Antic Colonial has created a whole series representing an infinite number of ways to bring the purity of a material like natural stone to your home in a pliable and versatile manner. A unique and elegant design adaptable to all areas of interior design.