29 January , 2019

Beauty is Inspiring. Tiles encompass most of the physical space of your home, that’s why they should be the right choice; qualitative and beautiful elements that inspire you along every step you make.

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13 February , 2019

The new collections from the PORCELANOSA Grupo set the trends at the MADE Expo Milan 2019

The eight companies from the Grupo bank on the large format ceramic, metallic wall tiles, natural wood and the Pro-light profiles which combine perfectly with LED lighting.

Expo brought together more than 100.000 professionals from design, architecture and construction from: Europe, the Arab Emirates, Russia, America, China and Africa.  

Around 1.000 exhibitors attended the exhibition which saw informative talks and workshops about safety, comfort, sustainability and innovation.

MADE Expo 2019, the Italian exhibition fair, has become one of the standout events for architects, interior designers, designers and constructors worldwide. From March 13th to 16th, more than  100,000 professionals from the sector visited Milan in order to see the most important, and the very latest designs showcased by approximately 1.000 exhibitors who came from Europe, the Arab Emirates, Russia, America, China or Africa. 

Among them, there was the PORCELANOSA Grupo, whose latest collections set the trends in the Italian city through its eight companies.


A new home concept

On the basis of a new home concept, the PORCELANOSA Grupo stand was set out in five areas with three exclusive bathrooms, a Lifestyle space created with XTONE and a state-of-the-art kitchen: the Wabi E9 XLIGHT Bottega Caliza Silk model with the Sugi Black wood; manufactured by Gamadecor and Urbatek. Furthermore, the six façades in the stand showcased the most important floor tiles and wall tiles from Porcelanosa, Venis, Urbatek, and the building systems from Butech.

Among the standout materials, it is worth mentioning the Nantes large-format Premium collection, which belongs to the HIGHKERTM brand from Porcelanosa and the Liem large-format porcelain from XTONE(Urbatek), which comes in a 6mm thickness.

Stone and marble also caught the eye among all the wall tiles and floor tiles in this space with the Dubai Metropolitan Silver or Urban Caliza collections by Venis.

With exclusivity and warmth as the main aim, the bathrooms in this space saw the inclusion of the latest pieces from OxoLounge, Round and Tono from Foster+Partners; which are collections from Noken.

Water movement is portrayed in the Nest series from KrionTMwhich can be found in one of the bathrooms. In the third of them, the company also included the Slope Blanco Cement  shower tray and with the Neo shower screen which give the space greater continuity.

Natural materials from L’Antic Colonial provided the space with that rustic style through both slate and wood. Pieces which combine perfectly with the underfloor heating from Butech, since energy use is reduced through its operating panel which sees heat directed towards people and objects.

The PORCELANOSA Grupo’s presence at MADE Expo Milan 2019 has shown both the foresight and the non-stop improvement from the eight companies from the Grupo in each of their products. Design aimed at well-being.

29 January , 2019

Small format, endless possibilities

Creative freedom with Rhombus ceramics

The Rhombus collection allows each user to carry out a particular setting. Choosing the style with which to cover the walls of any space is a reality thanks to this ceramic with a rhombus format. Traditional handmade ceramics that combines style and imagination in this collection of L’Antic Colonial.

Its high de-shading in the pieces makes Rhombus a striking collection that inspires movement and dynamism. Its four different references feature pastel colors, which are enhanced by the watery effect that forms on its surface with the reflection of light. A fact that occurs due to its irregular edges and glazed surface.

Retro expands its borders with a wide range of tonalities

Flashes and brightness that give off elegance. Retro decorative ceramics increases its possibilities with color and vitality, giving life to each wall covering in which they are installed.

Coverings that can be the featured highlight in each room or project. Corners of light and color. Verde, Rosa, Gris or different shades of blue are the references that are incorporated into the Retro collection of L’Antic Colonial. They also adhere to the neutral Blanco and Negro, both in matte and polished finishes.

With a 20×10 format and a pronounced bevel, this ceramic creates unique reflections and a great feeling of depth. Retro is ideal to cover interior spaces and give personality to each environment.

28 January , 2019

Beauty is Evocation. As an organic composite material, wood continues to dominate various design styles, by integrating its main characteristics that are sustainability and natural beauty.

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Now, their shine and power will also be reflected in their new references. Mosaics which stand out as featured items. Metal Bronze Mini 3D Cubes and Metal Steel Anthracite Mini 3D Cubes have small tiles finished in both matt and gloss, creating a 3D effect as some of them are at a lower level, thereby achieving various heights.

Two collections of the Metal Mosaics series from L’Antic Colonial were rolled out. Metal and Gravity seek to continue filling every room they cover with light.

Now, their shine and power will also be reflected in their new references. Mosaics which stand out as featured items. Metal Bronze Mini 3D Cubes and Metal Steel Anthracite Mini 3D Cubes have small tiles finished in both matt and gloss, creating a 3D effect as some of them are at a lower level, thereby achieving various heights.

Now, their shine and power will also be reflected in their new references. Mosaics which stand out as featured items. Metal Bronze Mini 3D Cubes and Metal Steel Anthracite Mini 3D Cubes have small tiles finished in both matt and gloss, creating a 3D effect as some of them are at a lower level, thereby achieving various heights.

13 February , 2019

HARO digital! app: The smart way to find your dream floor

HARO, Germany’s leading parquet manufacturer, has become a leader in floor shopping, too. With the app called HARO digital!, the job of selecting products at a HARO partner has been turned into a multimedia buying experience.

Rosenheim – HARO digital! app revolutionises shopping for dream floors. Many home builders/renovators are quite familiar with the problem: It takes a long time and many trips before they can settle on the right premium flooring for their upcoming renovation or new construction project. It is not just the huge selection that makes the job so torturous. The broad range of formats and features of different floors also does its part to complicate the process. HARO retail partners are now putting an end to this pain. The new app HARO digital! turns the selection process into pure pleasure. The new app combines tactile and attractive display samples with a digital information and experience world that covers all aspects of the selected product.

See and feel a sample, learn about it and receive an offer 

As always, your HARO retail partner will have a large selection of true-to-original samples that will provide an optic and tactile impression of the desired floor. The new HARO digital! app will particularly come in handy if you want to compare a number of different floors and receive a large number of details about them. You can also use the app to visualise the effect that the selected floors create in a room and to see them installed in a room.
This completely new type of customer assistance will enable your HARO retail partner to draw on product and installation information, product videos and tutorials and to create a package of relevant information for you in just a few clicks. And the retailer can do so for the entire HARO product range. If you like, the app can even prepare an offer for you right on the spot. It has never been easier to find premium flooring that will fit perfectly into your home so quickly. Once you have found your dream floor, the app will enable you to find exactly the right accessories in just a few clicks. The selection process becomes a shopping experience as a result.

The dream-floor assistance provided by HARO digital! means one thing for you:

– Greater selection provided by access to the entire HARO product range
– Exact and fast comparisons of different premium floors
– Immediate offer preparation
– Multimedia information provided by product videos and tutorials
– The easiest selection of perfect accessories
– Documentation of the customer assistance you received
– A true shopping experience created by the virtual reality floor presentation

Experience the completely new way to find your dream floor and profit from customer assistance that is unlike anything you have seen before. Available now – at your HARO retail partner.

HARO digital! app: The smart way to find your dream floor

13 February , 2019

Hamberger remains one of Germany’s most highly respected companies in 2019

Rosenheim – The magazine Focus Money surveyed Germans once again in 2019 and asked them to identify their favourite family-run companies. Hamberger, the company with the HARO brand, ranked among the select few once again.

The survey involves a vote by more than 120,000 consumers and is one of the leading polls of this type: Focus Money, Deutschland Test and the Cologne-based analytical firm Service Value conduct the annual online survey of consumers’ favourite companies. Hamberger received a TOP ranking once again. Family-run companies like Hamberger Industriewerke remain the heart of Germany’s economy. They employ more than 50 percent of full-time workers and generate over 50 percent of the economy’s total turnover. In particular, consumers value the credibility, product quality and long-term business focus of these companies. This year’s analysis confirmed these feelings once again.

Only companies with real customer contact were included in the assessment

The companies in the TOP 150 rankings consist solely of businesses that have direct contact with end customers. A true family-run company like Hamberger must be owned to a large degree by the founding family at the very least and must be managed by this family to a significant extent to qualify for inclusion in the survey. Customers graded the companies like teachers: They evaluated their experience with the particular company or brand and then gave it a grade that ranged from 1 (very good) to 5 (poor). The companies were rated by the particular German state in which they are based. Hamberger, along with its HARO brand, ranks among the top group of 35 companies based in Bavaria. As an award winner in 2019, the company has demonstrated once again that customer proximity, the highest product quality and exceptional customer service are highly valued.

Family-run companies are considered to be exceptionally far-sighted

The survey was conducted for the fourth time. The analysts said family-run companies are particularly popular among customers because of their credibility. In contrast to stock corporations, consumers value the far-sighted business decisions taken by family-run companies, among other things. Family-run companies think long-term, usually over periods extending across generations.

Hamberger views the new award as a confirmation of its fundamental values, principles that are clearly defined by customer proximity, the highest quality and a long-range business focus.

Hamberger remains one of Germany’s most highly respected companies in 2019

13 February , 2019

Beauty is Pure. As essential elements that make up your bathroom, our sanitary ware reflect cleanliness and elegance for a neat ambiance.

13 February , 2019

3 Good Design Awards for VitrA

VitrA won three prizes from Good Design, one of the most prestigious design awards program in the world. The Chicago Athenaeum Museum presented Good Design awards to VitrA’s Bella Wall-Hung WC, new Water Jewels washbasins and new Options Lux bathroom furniture. The products by Seden Arzu Tek, Begüm Becermen and Gürol Erkal from the VitrA design team were assessed based on criteria such as design and innovation, functionality, aesthetics, technical features and consumer benefit.

VitrA products have previously won global design awards such as iF, EDIDA, PlusX, Red Dot and Wallpaper.

VitrA Products with GOOD DESIGN Awards

Water Jewels

The new Water Jewel washbasins which offer a range of different colors and patterns to those who want to add color to their bathrooms set creativity free in interior design. Water Jewels was also the winner of the iF Product Design Award in 2012.

Inspired by nature, Options Lux bathroom furniture offer an elegant alternative for bathrooms. Options Lux are indispensible for those consumers who demand natural, timeless and quality products. They are natural wood plated and come in American walnut and black.

The Bella wall-hung WC is a product in the Options series, known for its convenience and customized features. Bella provides both design flexibility and functionality. Bella is also the winner of the Plus X Design Award.

13 February , 2019

Touch&Feel from Noken, an intuitive and comforting Wellness feeling

his shower system makes people’s lives better in its Project Line and Smartbox versions.

Its technology meets the highest demands of design and maintains a water volume which is balanced for each of the outlets.

Improving people’s everyday lives has become the key principle for Noken, the bathroom company from PORCELANOSA Grupo. A principle under which Touch&Feel has been developed. We are dealing with a new shower system which enhances the Wellness experience through a simple and intuitive touch screen.


Its two versions: Mixer and thermostatic; in Project Line and Smartbox allow for several functions to be combined at the same time, such as the rain, cascade and rain with jets modes.

Scientifically tested resistance

The ongoing research carried out by the department of Research, Development and Innovation from Noken have made it possible for this system to maintain the water volume in each of its outlets, meeting the demands of the current design.


Having undergone several pressure (up to 50 bars) and resistance tests for push buttons in over 800.000 cycles, Touch&Feel remains unaffected over the years, allowing for easy installation in different projects.

A design which banks on a healthier future.

13 February , 2019

Beauty is Natural. Enduring and highly decorative, natural stones add uniqueness to any kind of space. Thanks to their longevity as their main quality, natural stones never lose their touch of beauty.